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Software and Technology is our passion since 2001 we started EMCOM company in 2007. Don't let your dreams be only dreams!

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Our Services

Web Apps Development

we provide full cycle of the web apps design and development, with the wide range of technologies

Mobile Development

looking for ios or android solution, mobile application integration or modification, dev from scratch

Apps Design, Analyze

we provide full cycle of services for design and development software solutions with different complexity

Hight-Load Systems

modern web complicated, you need to have strong background in this field to build working solution and systems

Move To Cloud

web apps with correct design could make your business stronger, faster, highly scalable and more effective

QA Testing

testing of the software in some cases much more important then coding, be sure in the workflow of apps / websites


We have very wide range of the most common technologies which been used in our projects. Here the list of the most common technologies in our projects. Technologies which could be used do not limited by this list, if you need some alternative solutions feel free to send request.

Web Development

PHP, Python, Go, TypeScript, REST / RESTful API Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Phalcon, Codeigniter CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal

Cloud Platforms

Amazone (AWS), Google, Azure, Heroku cloud platform. Also we have experience in custom cloud solutions

Java Script

Angular, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, React Native, Next.js, Express.js, Redux, Babel, ES5, ES6, three.js, Meteor.js, Ember.js


Most popular db servers which we used in our projects: MySql, PostgresSQl, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Oracle, MSQL

iOS & Android

Swift, C, C++, Bash-scripting, QML, Cocoa, UIKit, AppKit, Alamofire, Qt, Kotlin, Java, Flurry, Wear, Retrofit, IcePick, Fabric, Gradle

QA Testing

JUnit, Selenium, QTP, Coded UI, Manual Testing, Regression testing, Functional QA, Black Box Testing, Appium

hight load systems

High-load Systems and Apps

We help you to build systems and apps which make deal with big volume of the server requests and big data. Proper design of the application architecture it's a way to the effective solutions and stable systems.

Analyze and Development

Scalability, efficiency, reliability are the key features of the high-load systems

Queues and Balancing

Complicated apps required multi threads, queues and balancing methods for servers

Optimization, Speed up

have some system with complicated structure we can optimize and speed up it

No SQL Databases

fast No SQL databases for high performance systems with big volume of data

Move to Cloud

Level up your aplication security and perfomance level by moving your app to the cloud


Applications in cloud is much more secure and reliable, when you have proper infrastructure, servers and services in use


In cloud you have more possibilities for scalability thank to architecture and technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and etc

Different Cloud Models

We can implement different cloud servics models: IAAS, PAAS, SAAS and integrations between cloud and local solutions

Multi Cloud

Use single or multiply platforms Amazon (AWS), Google, Azure, Heroku or custom cloud platform to make our apps stable

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