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Web Application Development

Research, design and development of the web applications with different complexity. We have experience in SAAS design and development on different platforms and for different industries. Every project have unique set of differences and events and every new project it's always different combination of the technologies and new experience




QA Testing



Mobile Applications Development

With our iOS and Android mobile application development services so you can reach your customers on their favorite devices. Whether iOS or Android, we will help you create a mobile application that will surprise users from the first look and deliver an outstanding experience in future application usage.

iOS App Development

Android App Development

Mobile App Strategy

Mobile App Design

Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Maintenance

Application Design and Analysis

Design of the every application and analysis of the source data and tasks it's one of the most important stages of every successful project. It's not possible to finish project successfully if you don't know your main target and place where exactly your finish line. For our team analysis of task and design of the application stucture it's like base of the building. You need to have quality base to build application successfully.

QA Testing

Today complexity of the systems, applications and technologies take quality of the software to the next level. Quality assurance testing it's a key to successful project. Application without qualify testing do not make your users happy and even more make impossible usage of your application or service.

Custom Software Project

There's a lot of samples when companies use outdated software applications , which was created decades ago. Such software in most cases have limited functionality, limited possibilities, do not scalable and people feal like a hostages of such system, beacuse do not beliave in possibility to migrate to new platform. We have such experience and we can sure you that in some cases less expencive create new modern application and transfer old data to new platform, than maintaince some old outdated app

Upgrade Software

If your current software tools is outdated and have lack of the functionality and modern technologies support it's possible to upgrade your software. Move to the new platforms, technologies and structures, upgrade your tools and work more effective

Modify Software

Modification of your current software solutions bring you new workflow and extend your possibilities. It's possible to analyze and find the way to integrate some new external modules for your current solution or create new solution based on old data structures

Industrial Solutions

We have background in industrial IT projects. We have strong partnership relations with few different East Europe engineering companies which help us to extend range of the projects. We can work on automatization of the industrial processes

Custom Solutions

If you looking for some new custom software solution for your business and not sure about proper start point and direction of the development process contact us and our consulting experts gonna help you to find the best software solution for you

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